The Sol Bean Story

Our mission is to increase vitality and spread joy throughout our community by serving healthy, nourishing food and beverages while providing outstanding service to our customers and our team.

Who we are:

Sol Bean Juice Bar and Kitchen is a healthy eatery and juicery proudly located on rt. 114 in Middleton, MA.

We are famous for our acai bowls, paninis with a twist (check out our Tofu Rueben with locally made sauerkraut and fresh baked bread) and our power packed, delicious smoothies.

What we do:

We are a from scratch kitchen, making healthy food and beverages to fuel your day.

Our dressings, sauces and soups are all made in our kitchen. We start our day by roasting chicken, tofu and baking crispy shallots (they smell so good). We make fresh batched nut butters, “nice cream” and healthy, energizing protein balls.

We create lively, energizing juices, smoothies and create beautiful and colorful, health giving smoothie bowls.

We delight in serving Wheatgrass, nature’s perfect multivitamin, to our health seeking customers.

We work as a team to foster growth within each other and delight our customers with a warm and welcoming experience.

Why we do it:

We believe if you eat well you will feel well. We know what it feels like to feel “unwell”. To lack energy and overall wellness. We also know how great we feel when properly nourished with nutritious and healthy food. It is much easier to stay on a healthy path when the food is as delicious as it is nutritious. We are proud to be a resource to access healthier options locally as part of your daily routine. We believe that if we are energized and gain vitality and strength through food, our light will shine brighter in the world, which is why we say, “let your sol shine”.

The Back Story:

Sol Bean opened in May 2006 as a coffee shop and juice bar in the heart of Middleton, MA. We were one of the very first “juice bars and healthy eateries” to open in our region. Over the years, Sol Bean evolved through the contributions of our talented team who lent their ideas and culinary skills as well as in response to the growing awareness of healthy eating in our community. We’ve grown from our 450 square foot original location to our now 3,000 square foot space right down the street from where we started.

Our menu has a vegetarian focus with the aim of serving as a bridge between a mainstream diet and the pinnacle of healthy eating. Our desire is to be welcoming and approachable and meet our customers where they are at.

The impulse to open Sol Bean came from owner, Danielle Panneton’s, personal health journey. Danielle went from a very healthy, active, student, skier, runner and all-around energized person to suddenly feeling ill with debilitating leg pain, migraines, fatigue and unable to walk or stand for any extended period of time.

After months of fruitless doctor visits, Danielle took it upon herself to find a way to start feeling better. This led her to learn about juicing and nutrition. At the time, there weren’t many options locally. Whole Foods did not exist and she was buying wheatgrass and organic greens from a warehouse and turned her kitchen into a raw prep area. The work it took to feed herself in this way and manage a job led her to want to share her passion and regained health with our community.

Sol Bean is a story of a growing health movement that we have been lucky to be a part of. It is a story of a community that has embraced us and we joyfully participate in. It is a story of when life gives you lemons … of well,…. making lemonade.

It is a story about family. Of a Mom who sat in our chairs to make it look like we had customers and would vociferously state, “this is the best sandwich I’ve ever had” to entice hesitant new entrants walking through the door and a father who was our first customer as well as a beloved grandmother who visited often and would pretend she was the health inspector.

It is a story of dancing bananas on 114, of starting a Farmer’s Market, hosting local artists and attending health fairs and community events.

We are a cumulation of our team members who have each shared their creativity and talents throughout the years.

We are grateful to be part of this community, to all of our team members, past and present, to our families for their support, and to our loyal customers who have been the backbone of our mission all of these years.

Fuel Your Heart and Sol

Sol Bean Juice Bar and Kitchen’s Philosophy on Healthy Eating:

Sol is the Spanish word for Sun, a source of energy and vitality. We can take in the healing power of the sun by eating in accordance with nature and consuming foods in their vital live state before nutrients are cooked off or altered through processing. Imagine a blade of grass bursting through concrete; this same energy is available to you by eating live fruits and vegetables. Through photosynthesis, the plant serves as the go between the earth’s mineral elements in the soil and our nutrition. The nutrition is carried into our bodies through chlorophyll, which is very easy to absorb and assimilate, entering the bloodstream with minimal effort, saving vital energy that usual goes into digesting food. A tired body cannot afford to give up unnecessary energy if it is going to repair and rebuild. Healthy eating can be confusing with all the different messages and dieting concepts from lo-carb to low-cal, which involve deprivation and further manipulation of food molecules and have little to do with real health.

From our perspective a healthy body means a healthy immune system. Our immune systems are programmed to identify foreign substances and fight them off. Denatured, processed, and overabundance of certain foods puts our immune systems in overdrive and leaves us with less resistance to combat illness and toxins. Eating healthy means supplying our body with the building blocks it needs to function; the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in their whole, balanced form as nature intended without further taxing the immune system and building up toxins in the body. Our bodies are like engines and need the proper fuel to run efficiently.

Sol Bean believes that our bodies are self-repairing, self-rejuvenating and self-building and function optimally when in harmony with nature. In addition to healthy eating, Sol Bean strives to create a positive, healthy work environment. A healthy mind-set is just as important as healthy food.


  • Why is Juicing good for me?

    The USDA recommends getting at least 5-9 full servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Juicing and drinking smoothies is a great way to consume a large quantity and variety of living foods rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals needed for optimum health. You get a full dose of nutrients with minimal energy used to digest the food.

  • What is the difference between juicing, drinking smoothies or wheatgrass and taking a multi-vitamin?

    Chlorophyll, which carries the nutrients to our system is easy to assimilate and can reach the areas of the body that need the nutrition. Synthetic vitamins are hard to digest, often recognized as foreign to the body and are flushed out of our system before reaching targeted areas. In addition, nature combines minerals, vitamins and nutrients in the perfect combination for them to work effectively in our bodies. If you extract only a select few for a vitamin, you lack the balance needed for effective assimilation and functioning.

  • What are the benefits of juicing Wheatgrass?

    Wheatgrass is nature’s perfect multi-vitamin. Unlike synthetic supplements, wheatgrass is a whole food with rich sources of vitamins A, C, a full spectrum of B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron, & 92 trace minerals in a naturally balanced ratio. These energy, oxygen, enzyme rich nutrients are readily available and easily absorbed and help to lower blood pressure, target free radicals and selectively destroys cancerous cells, cleanse toxins, purify the liver, decrease inflammation, increase resistance to radiation and improve circulation. One ounce of wheatgrass is equal in nutritional value to over 2 lbs. of green vegetables. You get it all in one power packed shot, or add wheatgrass to your juice for an even bigger boost.

  • Why are your menu items primarily vegetarian?

    Sol Bean serves mostly vegetable based wraps, paninis, grain bowls and salads that are filling enough to be a meal. Our ancestors, the hunter/gatherers, ate meat when available and otherwise sustained themselves on vegetation. It is a myth that to be a meal, food must contain an animal product and we proudly offer a variety of alternatives. We do however offer some animal products to be accommodating to as many people as possible. We see ourselves as a bridge between mainstream diet and the pinnacle of healthy eating. These options are served in a wrap or salad and loaded with fresh veggies, nuts, sprouts and seeds to help process and digest the meat and provided valuable nutrition. Over-consumption of meat, in addition to having negative effects on our bodies, has led to cruel treatment of animals and excessive use of land.

  • Will Sol Bean accommodate my allergy?

    Sol Bean staff are trained to accommodate common food allergies such as nut and gluten allergies. Please notify our staff when you place an order that you have an allergy. While there is always a risk of cross contamination, especially for nut allergies (we make our own nut butters) our staff will take every precaution to ensure your safety. These precautions can include: changing gloves, using a special cutting board, knife, and blender and making suggestions for allergy-friendly substitutions. Additionally, our smoothies and smoothie bowl stations have specifically nut-free and gluten-free areas.

Wheatgrass Tips

*Consume on an empty stomach having not eaten for 2 hours prior and waiting 30 minutes to eat again after consumption. Juicing raw vegetables with wheatgrass is perfectly fine.

*Avoid fruit juices (other than apple) with wheatgrass.

*Start slow. Start by consuming 1 ounce and slowly work up to 2 oz. shots. Optimum usage is two 2 oz. shots a day; once in the morning and once in the afternoon with a healthy balanced diet. However, wheatgrass in any amount is always beneficial.

Meet Our Team

Danielle Panneton


Danielle is passionate about healthy eating and juicing and lives by eat well to feel well. Danielle grew up in Danvers and enjoyed playing soccer and skiing. A graduate of Providence College and Boston University, Danielle had other plans besides opening a juice bar, however, in 2000, she suddenly experienced debilitating pain and fatigue. She went from skiing and running to using a cane and being unable to stand or walk for any period of time. After several rounds of tests and visits to MGH, Danielle began seeking alternative ways to feel better. At that time, she engrossed herself in reading about healthy eating and studying a new way of life. After becoming certified at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, Danielle’s health began to improve and ultimately led her to change her path and open Sol Bean.

Danielle’s favorite health imagery is the power that a single blade of grass holds enabling it to burst through concrete and cause it to crack. If one little blade of grass can do that, then just imagine the healing power of chlorophyll, juice, vitamins and minerals when they go to work in our bodies to rejuvenate, restore and repair.

Danielle never dreamed Sol Bean would still be here these many years later. She is humbled and grateful for the support of our community and especially to all of our managers and team members who have made this dream a reality.

Danielle is grateful to the Middleton Stream Team who has worked to preserve our natural habitat and frequently enjoys a paddle on our beautiful Ipswich River. She loves to collaborate with schools and health organizations and her personal motto is “I brake for berries”, never hesitating to stop at a local farm stand.

Danielle lives in Middleton with her husband, 2 daughters and 2 doggies.

Danielle holds the vision for Sol Bean and is extremely excited about our new grab and go offerings as it furthers our goal of making eating healthy easy, delicious and fun!

Fun Fact: During High School, Danielle was a hostess at the former “Daniel Fuller House” which when closed became the future home of Sol Bean. A true full-circle experience.

Favorite Sol Bean Menu Items:

Lentil Soup - I eat it almost daily!

Veggie Burger - This is my favorite Sol Bean splurge. I eat veggie burgers around the world and I’d put ours up against anyone’s. It’s made from scratch and the crunchy shallots and homemade thousand island dressing get me every time.

The Annie’s Avo - Because it’s named after my Mom.

Hanna Rybolt

Executive Chef

Hanna is our kitchen manager/executive chef! She is passionate about all thing’s food and healthy eating, with over 9 years of restaurant industry experience.

Hanna has always been passionate about healthy food, but realized that passion could become her career after working at a high-end plant-based restaurant in her hometown of Palm Beach, Florida. A graduate of Johnson & Wales University’s College of Culinary Arts, Hanna learned how to balance her love for food and nutrition throughout her degree.

Hanna is the mastermind behind many of the dishes at Sol Bean, such as the protein balls and Nice Cream. She loves finding new ways to put a healthy spin on everyone’s favorite treats!

Fun Fact: I have many fruit and vegetable tattoos, including a pear, some cherries and a radish!

Favorite Sol Bean Menu Items: Elderberry Shot, Green Lotus and the Mediterranean Bowl

Sara Diogo

General Manager

Sara joined our team as General Manager in 2017. She helped to manage our move from our tiny location down the street to our current full kitchen and much larger staff. Sara is passionate about all types of culinary and enjoys experimenting with new recipes. She has over 11 years of restaurant industry and customer service experience.

She is the heart and “sol” of Sol Bean, a true talent and jack of all trades. On any given day, you will find her in the kitchen prepping and cooking, at the register greeting guests, training new hires or fixing a blender. With her Portuguese heritage, Sara learned to cook at a young age and is naturally gifted in culinary arts. In the Portuguese culture, the best conversations and memories happen over a good meal. She is the friendly face of Sol Bean and a genuine caring leader who keeps our team energized and engaged in our mission. When she is not at Sol Bean, Sara is an amazing Mom to her son, Mikey and dog Mom to Huncho.

Fun Fact: Sara can play the accordion and learned as a child in Portugal.

Favorite Sol Bean Menu Item: Veggie Burger

Haley Teixeira

Customer Service Manager

If you’ve visited Sol Bean, chances are you’ve been lucky enough to meet Haley. She is the friendly face at the register and patient order taker on the phone. No matter what type of day Haley is having, her positive energy and bright spirit shines through to make our customers days better. Haley knows many customers by names and has memorized their orders.

She is a team leader, instrumental in training new staff and a daily encourager of our positive mission.

Fun Fact: I went to Essex Tech for Auto Body

Favorite Sol Bean Menu Item: Acai Smoothie with Peanut Butter

Tyler Tyrell

Manager/Prep/Lead Cook

Hailing from our hometown of Middleton, Tyler joined our team in 2016 and can be found in our kitchen either running the sandwich line or prepping our food for the day. It takes a lot to frazzle Tyler. Even during our busiest lunch rushes, Tyler can smoothly and accurately run the line like no one’s business. He brings a sense of ease and fun to our culture and serves as a mentor to our new staff. As a jack of all trades, he knows the ins and outs of our operation and was instrumental setting up our kitchen when we moved from down the street. He is also our resident fix-it man and when not at Sol Bean enjoys his time with his adorable dogs, Astro and Nova.

Fun Fact: I have been to Disney World 20 times!

Favorite Sol Bean Menu Item: Berry Bliss Bowl

Caitlyn Collins

Team Leader

Caitlyn joined our team in 2018. She leads by encouraging our newer team members and by helping to create a positive environment.

Despite being an experienced leader, Caitlyn is willing to help out in any task and will often set an example by washing dishes and cleaning up to model a sense of team work to our younger staff.

Caitlyn’s kind, warm and welcoming disposition is shared with our customers. She has an ability to see the whole picture throughout the day and can multi-task while paying attention to both the food preparation and customer experience. In her free time, Caitlyn enjoys running and being out in nature.

Fun Fact: I play the ukulele

Favorite Sol Bean Menu Item: Maui Sunrise

Emma Mair

Social Media Director

Also hailing from Middleton, Emma joined our team in 2017 as a 16 year old. She grew up with Sol Bean as we moved from our tiny location to our new location down the street. Emma has worked in the front of house making drinks and smoothie bowls, working the register and getting to know our customers. She has also worked in the back of house preparing delicious food! Five years later, Emma is running our social media and marketing from South Hadley, MA where she studies Psychology at Mount Holyoke College. Emma initiates many of our charitable efforts, working with local non-profits to collect goods and reminds us through social media to celebrate all cultures and peoples. She represents the heart and “sol” of Sol Bean.

Fun Fact: Emma and her family were filmed drinking hot chocolate in Sol Bean in 2010 for a pilot of a show on HGTV. Unfortunately, the pilot never aired.

Favorite Sol Bean Menu Item: The Mediterranean Bowl

Watch the SolBean traveling show when they moved to their new location at 221 S. Main Street, Middleton.